Top trade idea for July 13th, 2016


Stocks recovered very nicely and sharply since mid of February so new bullish reversal is here. Reason for a bullish trend is a five wave rise from 1802 which is an impulsive structure that shows direction of a trend. As such, we will continue to look even higher if we consider that recent retracement down to 1980 psychological level has a corrective look, possibly wave II flat correction that appears completed.

S&P500, Daily

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On the lower time frames, S&P500 is trading nicely higher for the last few sessions, now in the middle of a red wave 3) that can continue up to around 2170-2190 area in the next few days after a completion of wave 2) at 2065. So as long this level holds we believe that S&P will stay bullish for new all-time highs.

S&P500, 4H

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